On-Premises Systems

Deploy user-friendly desk phones and softphones on your customized PBX system. Our phone systems are scalable and affordable while still providing your business with the advanced communication features you need.

NCC is an authorized provider of NEC technology. NEC offers the latest VoIP technology with cutting-edge functionality.

On-Premise VoIP Solutions

  • Highly-customizable (the platform, data, and security options can be configured to meet your needs)
  • Potentially more cost-effective in the long run thanks to lower month-to-month costs
  • Ability to keep your phone calls separate from your Internet traffic to ensure integrity of internet connections
  • Maintained by NCC for reliability and uptime


Freedom of customization is a primary reason why businesses turn to on-premise phone systems.. NCC will work with your staff tweak the security, applications, and internal workings of an on-premise system to optimize it for your unique needs.

If your organization works with sensitive information, such as financial data or government contracts, security of each of your systems is critical. On-premise phone systems give you the ability to secure data coming in and out of the phone system. The NCC team will be glad to help you determine the the best phone solution for your business and security needs.

Internet Connection Speed

Some businesses also choose an on-premise system and PRIs due to the quality of their Internet connection. VoIP requires about 90 Kbps of bandwidth for good call quality. A VoIP system used in a less-than-ideal network situation will suffer from poor audio quality and dropped calls. Using an on-premise phone system keeps your calls out of your internet bandwidth, ensuring calls are not dropped due to latency or poor wireless connections.


On-premise phone systems are associated with higher upfront costs, but can yield savings in the long run when compared to VoIP.

The highest costs for an on-premises phone system occur up front. Initially, you will pay for the phone system infrastructure and any licensing fees for the provider you choose. If necessary, you will may need to pay setup costs for new PRI service.

In many cases, the savings come on the back end. While there are still some maintenance and management costs involved, it will often be lower than monthly fees associated with a hosted PBX solution. NCC will help you determine if this would be the case for your business.

Considerations for Location

Does your business employ remote workers? Do you have multiple business locations spread around geographically?

iIf so, this complicates the use of on-premise PBX solutions slightly. It’s physically impossible to have disparate offices and remote workers on the same PBX system. There are “Hybrid” options available for these situations, but most businesses in this situation will choose to use a Hosted VoIP Solution to avoid hassles entirely.

Maintenance and Repair

On-premise technology requires maintenance and management, and phone systems are no exception. NCC’s team can keep your phone system running smoothly, saving you the hassle of repairing, updating, and troubleshooting your PBX system internally.

Is an On-Premises System the right choice for my business?

On-Premises Phone Systems are ideal for enterprise-sized businesses.

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Should I Choose an On-Premise Phone System?

Hosted (cloud-based) phone systems are all the rage, but are they always the best answer?

That depends.

A hosted phone system will have a lower upfront cost, typically only the IP phones, a PoE switch, and sometimes a router. This is great for many businesses, but there is one more consideration: a cloud based phone system incurs a monthly expense that never ends. You are, in fact, subscribing to a service.

An on-premises phone system involves larger upfront costs as you must purchase the phones, the switch, the server, and the licensing. However your ongoing costs are usually lower than with cloud-hosted as you’re only paying a monthly fee for the telephone service.

Which is best for your business? Speak to an NCC representative to learn more about the solutions that fit your unique needs.

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